Favorite Music

毎学期、追い込みに入って疲れてくるとどうでもよいことをしたくなる。今日はMusic Matchで聞いている最近のPlay Listを紹介。ダウンロード販売で手に入らない曲ばかり。この内容で「それが入ってるならこれも聴け」とばかりに話に付き合える珍しい方はぜひコメントを。今まで完璧に音楽の趣味が合う人に出会ったことはありません。Greeから流れてきたりしないかな。さて、勉強に戻るか。。
1. “Nothern Lights” by TNT
2. “Wander” by Kamelot
3. “Headed for a Heartbreak” by Winger
4. “Love Leads The Way” by Hardline
5. “Rain Song” by Fair Warning
6. “Standing Alone” by Tyketto
7. “She’s Gone” by Steelheart
8. “Bleeding Heart” by Angra
9. “When Love And Hate Collide” by Def Leppard
10. “Just Take My Heart” by Mr. Big
11. “Going Home” by Artention
12. “One Life One Soul” by GOTTHARD
1. “Hunting High And Low” by Stratovarius
2. “Forever Young” by Tyketto
3. “Battle for Your Heart” by Grand Illusion
4. “Burning Heart” by Fair Warining
5. “Breakaway” by Equinox
6. “Rain” by TNT
7. “Signs of Danger” by Pink Cream 69
8. “Illusions” by Letter X
9. “Another Day” by Dream Theater
10. “The Key” by Artension
11. “Gutter Ballet” by Savatage
12. “After The Love Has Gone” by TEN
1. “Center of the Universe” by Kamelot
2. “Nova Era” by Angra
3. “San Sebastian” by Sonata Arctica
4. “Under a Glass Moon” by Dream Theater
5. “Eagle Fly Free” by Helloween
6. “Lust For Life” by Gamma Ray
7. “Emerald Sword” by Rhapsody
8. “Into the Blue” by Artension
9. “The Killing Hand” by Dream Theater
10. “Journey Through the Dark” by Blind Guardian
11. “Destiny Calls” by Nocturnal Rites
12. “Out of the Ashes” by Symphony X